Testimonials from coaches who took the Newfield Network teleclass called “Women Integrating Courage into Their Work Lives”:

  • “My participation in the ‘Courageous Women’ seminar with Sandra Ford Walston lasted only a short three hours of conversation spread over three weeks of reading, reflecting, and digging deep into my heart and spirit. It seems like a short time, doesn’t it? In reality, it turned out to be a long journey, meticulously organized by an expert in feminine courage. During these weeks, I found myself diving into my fears, strengths, and vulnerabilities. I was amazed by the way Sandra balanced my scale of emotions with a single precise statement. The breath I had lost returned to me. In this quest for courage, my heart filled with an emotion that read: ‘I love myself enough that nothing can break me.’ Maybe this is not only an emotion? It is obviously a conscious choice so vividly experienced by me through the work with a courageous woman—Sandra. Thank you, Sandra!”
— Tatyana Azbel, Russian BA, American MSW, Life Coach, A to Z Life Coaching School Brooklyn/Staten Island, NY USA; Yaroslavl, Russia.
  • “Inspiring, lazar-like with practices you can put in place immediately.”
— Jean Griffis
  • “For me the course, ‘Women Integrating Courage into Their Work Lives,’ opened me to a wider interpretation of courage. It supports me at this time in claiming my courage and has been very energizing. Sandra is 100% committed to supporting women to live courageously. I recently shared some of my learning such as Sandra’s ‘Courage Wheel’ diagram with my staff, and everyone found value in the learning and awareness brought about by our conversation about courage.”
— Karen Goodrich, certified ontological coach
  • “The content of the course was valuable and accessible. I started using what I learned with my clients (and my daughter!) before the program even ended. Thank you for your work, Sandra, and thank you Newfield for offering this valuable course.”
— Kendra D.
  • “Thank you for Courage! Your book on Courage and the class feel like a door opening for me. I intend to ‘study’ it to gain more and more from the exercise and the ideas in the book. It’s an exciting path for me.”
— Marcia T.
  • Sandra Walston is a wonderful speaker on the critical subject of courage.  Her insight, enthusiasm, and wisdom create an engaging space for people to delve deep into a territory of learning on the subject of feminine courage and courage leadership.  Our Newfield community enjoyed Sandra’s one hour teleclass presentations on “Why Do Most People Remain STUCK?” and her three hour (three week) teleclass on “Women Integrating Courage into Their Work Lives.” The feedback received on both teleconferences was excellent.  I highly recommend Sandra to any organization seeking a cutting edge topic!
— Carolyn Keyes Carstens, Chief Relationship Officer. Newfield Network, May 26, 2009