Courage Checkup Questionnaire

Please answer Yes or No to the following questions. Then, add up your “Yes” questions. This is not a valid and reliable “quiz.” Just see what comes up for you.

  1. At times, do you fail to perceive how to tap into your hidden strengths?
  2. When you face daily challenges, do you sometimes feel “stalled at the start?”
  3. Have obstacles in your life ever made you feel isolated?
  4. Do you find it difficult to live with uncertainty?
  5. Is lack of direction holding you back from manifesting a vision?
  6. Do you frequently forget to apply courage to confront difficult situations?
  7. Do you tend to stay stuck in your personal or professional life on one rung of a ladder rather than “stepping up” to the next level?
  8. Are “defining moments” (also known as steppingstones) in your life difficult for you to put into perspective?
  9. When you react to situations, do you recognize courage as one of your prominent virtues?
  10. Do you find you’re not living your calling/passion or have you lost it?
  11. Is it uncomfortable for you to reveal vulnerability?
  12. Is complacency a driving force in your life?
  13. Are you in a relationship (personal or professional) that is less than satisfying; in other words, you know you’re settling?
  14. Is courage a forgotten virtue in your life?
  15. Do you live in the shadow of missed opportunities?
  16. Do you accept stereotypes because “that’s just the way society will always be?”
  17. Have you ever given up on a goal only to be disappointed later in your behavior?
  18. Have you ever “kicked yourself” for not following a hunch?
  19. Do you often refrain from speaking the truth for fear of angering or upsetting others?
  20. Do you linger in an unhealthy, toxic or abusive situation because or “you need the job?”
  21. Do you “give up” easily?
  22. Do you find you linger in suffering because you’re stuck in a “B” movie script?
  23. Do you recognize the radiance of grace in your life?
  24. Do you know the original definition of courage?
  25. Do some of your responses surprise you?!!

If you answered “Yes” to the majority of the questions above, you are unaware of the energy of courage operating in your life. Good news: the actions of courage can be learned. In fact, you are building them in varying degrees throughout life, they just got over shadowed. Neglected courage can be awakened. Set up a free 30 minute consultation to discuss courage options.

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