Confessing: A Cousin to Courage


Do you confess your shortcomings and missteps? For example, if you lack knowledge about a topic, do you respond in a deceptive manner that keeps your protects your ego? The honest response would be to confess your vulnerability by admitting that you do not know the answer. A timely confessing made with positive intent is good for the spirit. The process helps us face the truth. We take responsibility for what is happening with our spirit and address those missteps that collect unhealthy energy.

Yes, we invite potential trouble when we stand in our courage and confess our shortcomings, but more importantly, we hold ourselves accountable and establish our integrity. Even a corruption-tainted person should have the courage to confess! Confessing is a cousin to courage.

Excerpt From FACE IT! 12 Obstacles that Hold You Back on the Job

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