Catch-22s During Transitions and How to Apply Courageous Leadership

Transitions are here to stay. A coaching client asked, “What courageous behaviors must I implement so I don’t sell my soul?”

First of all, just recognizing that you are selling your soul reveals that you are coming from a higher level of courage consciousness. Why? Because you know you are doing it! Unfortunately, the energy in many organizations border on alignment with the mantra “don’t rock the boat.” With this status quo attitude, complacency settles in—one of eight courage killers (e.g. like conformity and complaining). You and the organization must be willing to be uncomfortable with a transition—this is where “courageous will” lives and grows. You take the courageous action in spite of the circumstances that have you stuck. Please know that courage (meaning “heart and spirit”) can go into hiding, so make it your friend, then your courage is there when you need it and you can draw from your sustainable reservoir. Courageous leadership is a reality for only those willing to pay the price!

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