Catch-22s About What Is Courageous Leadership?

One client said to me, “I was curious Sandra, if you were to narrow the aspects of courageous leadership down to the top three kernels, what would you suggest?”

The first kernel, and the most critical, would be to start to implement some type of reflective exercise, better known to some as introspection. I call this a commitment to “courage-centering.” During that reflection time, start with this simple question: Are you genuinely willing to give yourself permission to claim your courage?

If the answer is “yes,” then the second kernel asks: are you willing to learn how to distinguish the 12 courage actions such as work without regrets, confront uncomfortable truths and instill self-discipline that demonstrate courageous leadership behaviors (found in FACE IT!)?

The third kernel would be to discern how to sustain “courageous will” in spite of the circumstances? In other words, when your time comes to pass on will you be filled with misgivings crinkled with always doing what others wanted you to do?  

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