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Announcement —

Denver, CO (March 18, 2011)



 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success

at Work and Beyond

 by Sandra Ford Walston Is Released Today! 

Do you have what it takes to get

everything you want on the job? From life?

Throughout the fourteen years of innovative research, best-selling author Sandra Ford Walston discovered that when faced with certain obstacles, many will allow those obstacles to become an endless series of dramas holding us back in our personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, the natural tendency is to stay stalled in a mental comfort zone … and stagnate.

Are you ready to face the obstacles and fulfill your potential? Walston’s most recent book, FACE IT!, has methodically researched the lives and professional experiences at all levels of men and women across the nation to identify twelve common obstacles people faced that can discourage self-fulfillment and career success.

FACE IT! is the author’s third book in a series on proactive assessments, discussions and actions headquartered in the workplace. FACE IT! addresses in a productive and accessible manner, how to conquer mental and physical inertia as well as how to step up to a new understanding and use of your foremost tool for professional satisfaction: courage!

Throughout the research, it became evident that many people mistakenly equate courage with perilous situations requiring feats of heroic bravery. This view fails to recognize the value of courageous leadership such as how to

  • tackle the tough projects,
  • instill self-discipline,
  • confront an uncomfortable truth or
  • reveal vulnerability.

Courage comes from the Old French word corage, meaning “heart and spirit,” which tells us that courage is really about the center of your being—who you are at the most fundamental level. In other words, living courageously is not so much about what you are doing as who you are being!

FACE IT! outlines and presents discussions and interviews from those who recognized the value of these methods and tactics used to actually seize the opportunity to overcome the psychological paralysis faced in everyday situations.

FACE IT! is not about how to get a job, but about learning to use courageous techniques to overcome work-related obstacles—things like uncertainty, intimidation, denial, apathy and self-doubt. The premise of this book is that we can change our behaviors when given the necessary tools to take the steps to grow and progress toward a courageous life.

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Sandra Ford Walston, known as The Courage Expert and innovator of StuckThinking™ is an organizational effectiveness consultant, trainer, speaker and a courage coach. She is the internationally published author of bestseller COURAGE and her follow-up book for women The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women (formerly STUCK: 12 Steps Up the Leadership Ladder). Sandra instructs at the University of Denver.

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