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Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue

The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

FACE IT! 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond


New! Patricia Taylor reviewed COURAGE: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue

Life Changer! May 18, 2014

This book will change any life for the better! It is an “eye opener” and a resource for taking strong and respected steps for speaking for and to any compelling issue in one’s life; both on a professional and personal level. It is also a terrific resource to use for professional development sessions of any kind!

Pat Taylor Educator and Professional leader

New! TRaugewitz reviewed The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

Strong and Actionable Ideas to get UNstuck. March 27, 2012

I bought this book as a gift for my brother as well as for myself to read after realizing I was working very hard only to be spinning my wheels and not really getting anywhere. This is a well explained, strategic approach on how to address the ruts, potholes, and webs that regardless of gender, position or education, people find themselves stuck. This book is well thought out and written with a language that allows us to be redirected from frustration into motivation to change things and move on and up.

New! abzill reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

Top of the heap in the self-help genre March 29, 2012

Sandra Ford Walston writes without any know-it-all pretenses or jargon that skews the subject matter into a trivia realm. She has a depth of knowledge and emotional insight that rings true. There is real wisdom here. It is a pleasure to read and to ponder.

New! Polly Letofsky reviewed Face It!: 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond

Now I know what Courageous Leadership really is! March 26, 2012

One of the many new insights I found when slowly devouring FACE IT! (and this book does need to be contemplatively consumed!) was that true essence of everyday courage has been forgotten. I associated courage with the Medias sensational two-minute sound bites focused on another perilous situation. I now understand how this misconception about everyday courage could happen. There’s been no research defining true courage (“heart and spirit”) much less courageous leadership, but now I know that courage is a state of mind. “The Courage Wheel” diagram represents the heart of the book’s extensive research. I have prominently placed this diagram in my work area to gently remind me of the 12 courage actions with their 12 matching obstacles. This way if I feel stuck I can easily assess my lost courage such as when I feel rejection. I think this sentence from the book expresses my feelings: I “…discovered a crucial source of self-actuated motivation–courage!”. I am now able to differentiate the 12 courage actions and enhance my journey to self-fulfillment. Until now, no one had concretely defined the value of this precious virtue. Thank you Sandra for the research, interviews, courage coaching questions and your heart that pervades throughout the book. I felt like we were on the journey together!

New! mae reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

Courage March 25, 2012

This book had a profound and lasting impact on me and how I approach situations and challenges in my life. I carry within me the messages in this book every day. Every woman should read, no matter what time of their life.

New! jon green reviewed Face It!: 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond

Face It! March 24, 2012

Sandra has extensively researched the topic of courage and is truly one of the premier leaders in the field. Her book Face It represents a pathway for each of us to overcome our fears or doubts with real life stories and exercises for us to follow. Whatever self scripts or personal challenges keep you stuck, take the courage and invest the money to purchase Face It. The return on your personal self will be well worth it.

Pat Wyman reviewed The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

Thought Provoking August 12, 2011

Sandra Ford Walston goes right to the heart of career difficulties in stressing the need to truly know and value oneself. She doesn’t stop there but goes on to emphasize the need for Action. With thought provoking questions and suggestions for moving out of your comfort zone, Sandra provides the needed impetus to revitalize a sagging career.

Linda Paralez reviewed The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

Stuck: 12 steps up the leadership ladder July 8, 2011

In today’s employment market, no one who is serious about their career, or who is about being satisfied with the quality of their life in today’s environment can afford to be complacent about continuing to invest in themselves. Sandra does a great job of making a self-investment strategy practical and accessible — I especially enjoyed the stories of other women. This is a great book for organizational leaders to make available to all their staff!

Kristene A Kashlak reviewed The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women (formerly entitled STUCK)

The sky is the limit…! June 14, 2011

“Brilliantly written for anyone who is STUCK. Sandra Ford Walston offers a uniquely woven blend of pragmatic and heartfelt solutions to catapult readers into `living their most fulfilling life’. If you have lost your courage, think you do not have courage, or fear the word courage, STUCK is your Rx to self-fulfillment. So who should read this well-researched book? STUCK is for women at all titles, age, ethnic background or career phases. STUCK is the `platinum key’ to unlock the door to clearing the roadblocks that hinder our advancement. A gift for all generations such as Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials will learn how to step up the leadership ladder. Why? Courage is courage! Sandra Ford Walston’s STUCK is riveting, realistic and purposeful!” Tina Kashlak Nicolai

Lee W. Livermore reviewed Face It!: 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond

A Must Read June 8, 2011

Sandra Walston has taken courage to a new level and into uncharted territory. Face It!: 12 Obstacles that Hold You Back on the Job, brings courage front and center to the work environment. Sandra artfully uses the life stories of people that have embodied the principles of courage to face and overcome life obstacles. Her research proves without a shadow of a doubt that courage is the key to profound change. This is a must read if you are serious about taking control of your life.

Vadim Azbel reviewed The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

Do you know your source to success? You’ll find it here. May 13, 2011

There are a lot of teaching success books. I find this one outstanding because it gets straight to the point. Sandra F. Walston gives us a visualization of traits and qualities in a form of “a Source Wheel” of behaviors of courage. Courage is the key word the author addresses from a new perspective. The author’s vision can help us personally to discern what we need from what we do not on our path to success in life. Read this book, see the Source Wheel, have the courage to be who we are meant to be professionally and personally.
With gratitude, Tatyana Azbel, MSW, Life Coach

Bill Wiersma reviewed Face It!: 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond

Transformative For Some May 9, 2011

My cynical tendencies get revealed by authors of so-called self-help books who themselves haven’t `taken the journey’. Not so with Sandra, she lives what she writes about. Wonderfully researched, thoughtfully organized, passionately written, Face It! will touch many through its emphasis on being something–not just doing something. This book will be especially useful for those who feel a gut-level need for change in their lives. For a select few, it will help them stop chasing `shiny objects’ and get on with their life’s work.
Bill Wiersma, Author–The Big AHA and The Power of Professionalism

Rob reviewed Face It!: 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond

Face It! April 12, 2011

I have read books by this author before so I knew before I read it that this book would be full of helpful ideas and information. What surprised me was how entertaining it was. The examples and stories were fascinating and really illustrated the points she was making. An excellent read all the way around.

Bill Treasurer reviewed Face It!: 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond

Face it! Works March 28, 2011

Sandra Walston does a terrific job of balancing careful research and insightful observations about how to take accountability for your own career success. Walston, the thought-leader behind StuckThinking™, provides fresh ideas and approaches for inspiring more courageous career behavior. The reader who applies her advice will be glad they did.

Marie Michaels “” reviewed The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women (Formerly STUCK)

Powerful February 20, 2011

Courage spawns from a true sense of vision. A commitment to provide oneself with vision helps sustain a leader thru the roller coaster ride we call business. Always an activist for women to ‘claim’ their courage, Ms. Walston provides us with that vision and that commitment in “Stuck 12 Steps up the Leadership Ladder.” Direct and to the point, each step reminds us of our strengths and weaknesses. Overcoming obstacles, self doubt even personal worth are captured in specific detail. A great source of information that enables you to act, react and reign in your success. A must have for women in any work environment, a must read for all managers, owners and business executives. Thank you Sandra!!

Lynn F. Hellerstein “Vision Expert & Author of See It. Say It. Do It!” reviewed STUCK now entitled The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

Get un-stuck with STUCK November 20, 2010

Sandra Walston’s “courage” and expertise is to be acknowledged. Her new book, STUCK provides sensitive and insightful stories from people in all walks of life. Sandra provides the steps, in this easy-to-read book, to transform you out of being stuck to finding your courage and power. This is a must read to overcome obstacles in our lives…whether it be for personal or professional issues. Take action now and read Sandra’s book! Have the courage to get unstuck.

Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein
Author of See It. Say It. Do It! The Parent’s & Teacher’s Action Guide to Creating Successful Students & Confident Kids

Heartbeat Music reviewed STUCK now entitled The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

Never “Stuck” Again November 3, 2010

We all get stuck at one time or another but how long do we remain stuck? It seems many people think they are “stuck” in jobs where they are unhappy, unfulfilled or powerless. Today, I see that more than ever. I would like to recommend Sandra Walston’s book to anyone that is on that “merry go round” she calls “Stuck”… After reading this book I am confident that you will get off the “merry go round” and start living a happy and prosperous life at work and in general. As she puts it so well in her book– “if you want to change your life, you have to change your stories and remove the obstacles that prevent you from transcending the false self-story.” This book is a step by step guide to living a life of leadership and courage. Kudos to Ms. Walston- your book is just what the world needs right now!
Jean Harper-

Rena M. Reese “luvbnme2” reviewed STUCK now entitled The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women)

For personal and professional breakthroughs! November 3, 2010

Sandra Ford Walston has done it again with her new release STUCK 12 Steps Up the Leadership Ladder. This follow up work to her last book, “Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman,” should be required reading for every college student, business person, entrepreneur, and CEO. The contents of this fabulous title are relevant for anyone interested in personal growth and achieving their personal best. Stuck promises and delivers.

Janet reviewed STUCK now entitled The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

Excellent Book for Those in the Work Force October 22, 2010

Sandra Ford Walston’s book, STUCK, is easy to read, however, definitely not boring. It’s direct and to the point, and if you let it, it can lead you right up the ladder of success, fulfilling the position you have been wanting – the position you have always been qualified for but didn’t have the courage to pursue. Read Stuck, then you can face your employment challenges with the courage to move forward.

I would definitely recommend this book to all women. Let Sandra’s courageous words of wisdom work for you in your personal life as well. After reading it, I’m sure you will realize your full potential, then make it happen!

Green Man reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

The true power of courage … September 16, 2009

Most of us don’t realize that courage is one of the 4 cardinal virtues of Classical times. Ms. Walston reminds us why this virtue is so important by demonstrating that courage is about acting from the “heart and spirit.” Our modern understanding of courage as acts of bravery or heroism has hidden the deeper meaning of courage and serves as a “glass ceiling” when it comes to women recognizing their courage and taking courageous action.

As Ms. Walston points out, the most empowering step that a man or woman can take is to recognize his or her unique brand of “heart and spirit” courage. Having tapped into the power of innate everyday courage, anyone can reap the rewards of a more joyous, fulfilling life.

Especially recommended during tough times.

Courageous Leader “Karen” reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

embracing, practicing, and understanding the courage within us August 25, 2009

This book is an excellent journey that allows women to recognize and embrace courage within. I was deeply inspired by Sandra’s interviews with women who shared their viewpoints on what it means to be courageous. This book allows women to realistically look at ourselves and begin the journey of recognizing the strengths (courage) that we utilize internally and externally daily.

R. Smith reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

sound advice for growth August 24, 2009

This book carries an inspirational tone and will help anyone feel more confident about oneself! Full of great ideas for adding ‘courage’ to all of your important relationships. This book helps one to take small and comfortable steps to more success in all areas of one’s life.

Lee W. Livermore reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

Practicing Courage August 24, 2009

A journey of self-discovery will present one with unexpected insight, experience, opportunities and people that will alter your life. Sandra’s book Courage is a journey of self-discovery. As a business consultant and Life Coach, Courage gave me the tools to help open my clients’ eyes to change. Sandra is a thought-leader in the field of conscious change. Her writing transcends the traditional boundaries that block people from achieving their true potential. I can’t wait for her next book so I can share it with my clients.
Lee W. Livermore
“The Practitioner”
Balanced Life Change

Caroline Ward author The Four Faces of Woman reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

Thorough and inspired August 23, 2009

What I love about Sandra’s work is that she has been entirely rigorous about her subject. She has spent years deeply exploring courage from a quantitative perspective in order to validate what she knew intuitively. The redefinition of Courage is important not only for women but for all humanity. Heroes and warriors belong to a world that is failing and at war. Given we are in a time of conscious transition and transformation, we need people like Sandra to help us recontextualize our language and our experience to support our world NOW. Working the root of the word Courage “heart and spirit” as a guide to the essential meaning is obvious maybe, yet inspired. Thank you Sandra for your dedication. In Chilewe are in a project on women’s courage and your work is profoundly helpful in helping women to realize their feminine courage.
Mi Coraje, Tu Coraje

P. Wall reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

THE Gift August 22, 2009

Empowering, enlightening, vulnerable and encouraging…this book is on my list to give every woman in my life who needs a nudge toward her power and her capabilities. Thank you, Sandra!

Rachael Irvine reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

Everyday Courage: It’s Not Your Fireman’s Bravery Anymore… August 22, 2009

This beautifully and heart-fully conceived and written book finally expands our traditional notion of courage. Women have been historically excluded from the most understood definitions of courage — sadly, most often by themselves! Yes, we remember Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks and . . . well, I had to stop there for a moment because that’s where the history books usually stop. How are we training young girls to think of themselves through history? Where will they fit if courage continues to mean going chest to chest in the face of danger?

Sandra Walston’s extensive research, over many years and with a great sampling of women, tells us that women have bought into the notions of courage as physical valor and she refutes the easy characterization to plunge us into self-knowledge — and self-action to better our lives.

What about that woman down the street who leaves an abusive relationship? That single mother who is raising four kids while tending to an ailing mother but makes the decision to leave a job to go back to school for the greater possibilities of a brighter future? Or the whistle-blowing lower-level employee who risks severe repercussions as she alerts others to corruption or other malfeasance where she works? And YOU? How do you define yourself? Is courage one of your top three self-defining adjectives? Probably not, according to Sandra’s research. But it could be! It takes a different perspective and achievable actions that Sandra shares in this breakthrough book that should be on every woman’s bookshelf.

Filled with excellent tips, powerful revelations and many examples of the courage within us all that is just waiting to be tapped, I choose to give this book as gifts on every occasion, and to use it in my teaching. I eagerly look forward to more from this talented thinker.

Patricia A. Smith “Founder, Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project” reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

A wonderful, useful book! August 21, 2009

As the founder of the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project, I use “Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman” as a training tool in my workshops for caregivers. Sandra’s book gets to the heart of how to live an authentic, sustainable life  and that is to have the courage to fulfill your dreams and desires for a happy life. The writing is easy to understand, gentle and kind. Sandra understands her reading audience and offers support and encouragement. The book has a permanent place on my reading Resource List. If and when she publishes again, I’m sure her future books will also share a place on the list.
Patricia Smith

Pat Wyman reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

Courage and Women August 21, 2009

Sandra Walston presented me with the opportunity to step back and review my personal definition of courage. I found that, although I would like to think I have a more enlightened concept of courage, subconsciously I have stored some old stereotypes that are still there. “Courage” and “courageous” are words often used to describe men engaged in heroic feats. With her step-by-step guidance, I was able to more fully embrace the knowledge that my most courageous act is to know who I truly am and live fully being who I was designed to be. Sandra’s elegant writing style combined with the personal accounts of real women make this book an important reminder that, as women, we can live courageously every day of our lives.

Rena M. Reese “luvbnme2” reviewed Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

Redefining Courage August 21, 2009

Sandra’s beautiful book invited me to personally redefine courage. At the start of the book, while I easily attributed other lovely terms, I did not define myself as courageous. The reader is invited to select 9 words that describe her from a large word bank of terms. Well, let’s just say that not too far into the book, I realized that I am pretty darn courageous after all. As a result of reading this book I began consciously breathing “courage” into my children-focusing most especially on my daughters. I started using the word “courageous” when I spoke to my kids, so they could begin to get a broader view of what the term really means and how opportunities present DAILY to show courage.

Moreover, this title with its inspiring personal accounts from the author and real life examples of other women show how courage must be a part of who we are in order to really “seize life” and live fully. While I am usually one to push through fear to step toward my goals, this title gave me tools to continue with this way of being. No longer will courage have to be the “forgotten virtue” with the likes of Ms. Walston’s work because we can learn how to recognize ways everyday, to bring it on!

Fear keeps people so very small. While many debate the true opposite of fear (love, faith, courage)…perhaps we can all agree that courage has a place in working through fear to really make contributions, find joy and purpose in life. And if Author Emile Zola is right, and we did come to “live out loud,” than Sandra Ford Walston’s book is a tool to help each of us find a new way to turn up the volume.

Rena M. Reese
Founder, Soul Salon International
Author of The Soul Salon
The Little Book of Pink
Streaking for the Soul
among other titles