Apply Feminine Courage to Overcome the Obstacles that Keep You STUCK

Courage is the virtue that provides the skills, the knowledge and the fortitude to overcome any obstacle. This is why Aristotle felt that courage was the first of the virtues making all the other virtues possible. Courage is more important than ever in today’s climate of fear, doubt and uncertainty. By recognizing, developing and wielding the power of personal courage, anyone can

•  Realize a higher level of job satisfaction,

•  Earn more rapid advancement at work,

•  Develop stronger interpersonal skills,

•  Experience personal fulfillment at work, and

•  Transcend the limitations of any situation.

Ironically, “stepping up” in courage requires the inverse action: stepping deeper into one’s self. Only by delving beneath the shallow thought patterns and melodramas of the ego-personality can a woman discover her true identity, thereby nurturing her courage and empowering her to advance her life and her career.

A true understanding of courage begins with its origins—the Old French word corage, meaning “heart and spirit.” In other words, courage is an innate quality that resides within the core of every human being. Since feminine courage remains virtually unrecognized in our culture, it holds tremendous potential as a source of personal empowerment, happiness, job satisfaction and social advancement. We simply need to begin a process of self-realization that reveals which obstacles keep us stuck. Once we identify our own personal obstacles, we can begin to practice the corresponding courage action skills that empower us to overcome our obstacles. My promise to you:

•  Expand your mindset around courage,

•  Refine your capacity for action through intention and

•  Live more frequently in the realm of courage consciousness.

In the end, recognizing one’s courage and acting in courage are not so much about what you are doing as who you are being! Regardless of age, background or job description, anyone willing simply to know her own “heart and spirit,” can follow her courage to the highest levels of success in her chosen field of work.

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