5 Actions to Integrate Higher Courage Consciousness


If you choose to be a person who demonstrates higher integral levels of courage consciousness you must be willing to step up and invite in a new behavior—one that leaves a mark, one that leaves a legacy—one filled with courage!

The word “courage” comes from the French word corage, meaning “heart and spirit,” which tells us that acting with courage is really about acting from your heart and spirit — from the center of your being. In choosing being over doing, you let go of old thought habits and identify with your deeper Self, your true identity. By identifying with your true heart-and-spirit Self, you claim the courage that empowers you to overcome personal limitations — the kind of limitations that prevent all of us from contributing to transformation.

The time has now come for each and every one of us to utilize our integral courage and take a stand in the world for a higher path through a contemplative lens that illuminates loving-kindness. We can no longer afford to hide behind complacency, denial, status quo, second-guessing ourselves or multiple missed red flags much less expend our energy in endless chatter with no courage action. Every individual regardless of title, income, age or ethnic background, are needed now to demonstrate the way forward to a new level of courage consciousness that is pressing to emerge. We must allow this intention to lift our hearts and embrace our birthright—unlimited courage!

Below are five simple examples. How many do you consistently demonstrate and what action are you willing to take to embrace them?

  • Be an example of equanimity.
  • Choose to demonstrate grace (“where courage meets grace”).
  • Be a conduit of loving-kindness.
  • Surrender expectations.
  • Practice courage consciousness (breathe deeply).

Start now! Design your life with courage so you live in the core (the etymology of the word courage means “heart and spirit”) of your essence. Don’t simply visit this world.

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