Imposter Syndrome: “Am I A Fraud”?

A courage coaching client wrote, “I wish I had time to read something other than curriculum and educational philosophy as I prepare for these workshops. Last night I had a very long, vivid dream where I was assigned five educational foundation/conceptual philosophy books to read and create five units for a presentation. I remember in my dream feeling very stupid and filled with that ‘impostor syndrome feeling’ — like someone would ‘discover’ I didn’t have it in me to do that kind of work in a short time. I remember the feeling of wanting to just say ‘Stuff it!!! I don’t need this!!!’ in front of everyone else in the room doing the same thing and looking like they were really enjoying it. I woke up exhausted. But, my voice says, ‘Gee, I’ve made it this far and no one has found out that I’ve made it this far and found out that I can’t do some of these things’. Am I a fraud, but obviously I have done it. A thing inside of me that says I suffer from having these doubts but the dichotomy is I always achieve it.”

Self-doubt is  a courage obstacle. Have you ever felt like a fraud?

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