Enneagram Endorsement

January 27, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

At our Design firm, we had the pleasure of Sandra Ford Walston hosting “Personality Models – an Introduction to the Enneagram – Nine Ways of Living and Working” at our annual, all firm Training/Personal Development day. And what an experience it was! To attempt to introduce the Enneagram in a half day format was quite a feat; one that needed a clear and succinct format. Sandra’s timeline was organized, consistent, and fraught with intentional detail.

Sandra’s class format was incredibly balanced, loaded with groundbreaking content and tremendous insight based upon her vast knowledge of the many nuances of the Enneagram. The class dynamic was truly extraordinary! She utilized active participation, critical feedback, and a high level of contagious energy to keep the rhythm of the program flowing and personalized to the needs of the group. Some feedback from the attendees included:

  • “I have NEVER experienced anything like this before. To take the time to ask such critical questions of myself and my intentions… truly a dynamic experience!”
  • “Sandra was extremely engaging and fun to listen to. She made all of the caricatures so relatable and easy to identify!”
  • “What a fabulous program! The content was so eye-opening, and truthfully, life changing. I don’t think I will ever view people/communication the same!”
  • “Sandra was so helpful and determined to coach us through each number of the Enneagram. And she was REALLY funny, what a spitfire!! I needed THAT kind of feedback!”

Truly, this program has radically altered the trajectory of our firm for many, many years to come! Thanks Sandra for all your stellar communication, support, and energy poured into this program… truly a memorable experience!