Sandra Ford Walston

Who is Sandra Ford Walston?

“The motivational speaker who gives you the courage to step up to the next level.”

Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert,
innovator of StuckThinking™, bestselling author, consultant, seminar leader, speaker, courage coach

Sandra has been featured in numerous magazines such as:

• Chief Learning Officer

• Strategic Finance

• Personal Excellence: The Magazine of Life Leadership (Professor Bennis)

• HR Matters, Malaysia

• Training & Development (US and Germany)

• The Washington Executive

• Brandon Hall Network

Courage Publications

Partial List of Published Articles on Courage

Following is a partial list of Sandra’s most popular articles on courage and courageous leadership. You are welcome to download any of the following articles for your own use. More articles are posted on this link.

However, if you wish to reprint or repost any of these articles on this website, you need to contact Sandra for permission to see if a royalty is required for reprint. If permission is granted, we request a hard copy of the publication in which the article appears. Please include Sandra’s bio at the end of the piece, along with contact information, and preferably, a photo.

A gentle reminder to those who are interested in sharing some of Sandra’s research findings or program concepts, etc., in work or presentations you are doing, please quote her as this content is representative of her intellectual property and she shares her work in good will.

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