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Who is Sandra Ford Walston?

“The motivational speaker who gives you the courage to step up to the next level.”

Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert,

innovator of StuckThinking™, bestselling author, consultant, seminar leader, speaker, courage coach

Sandra has been featured in numerous magazines such as:

• Chief Learning Officer

• Strategic Finance

• Personal Excellence: The Magazine of Life Leadership (Professor Bennis)

• HR Matters, Malaysia

• Training & Development (US and Germany)

• The Washington Executive

• Brandon Hall Network



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I invite you to embrace your everyday courage and the concept of
courageous leadership
into your workplace.  This is how the ethical
behaviors of courage begin to flourish–it’s an INside job!


From The Courage Expert and presenter of Courageous Leadership

Known as The Courage Expert and innovator of StuckThinking™, I am the principal of a 20-year-old learning and organizational effectiveness consulting firm and a courage coach. With over eighteen years of original research in integrating courage behaviors, courageous leadership, women’s courage and non-gender integral levels of courage consciousness, I focus on the traps and tricks of the human condition such as denial (and at appropriate times, I apply the Enneagram or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®). I believe that integrating courage actions at work leads to a more naturally propelled and fulfilled employee, resulting in reduced attrition, accelerated synergistic production and improved bottom-line performance. The outcome: there is a direct correlation between the organization’s success and courage quotient.

Are you ready to step up and claim your courage?

He who hesitates before each step spends his life on one leg.

 – Ancient Chinese Proverb

Organizations are learning that “flat” is the new bumpy growth. Workers at every income level and every profession are learning how to deal with this new flat such as tight job markets, stalled careers, lack of growth, wage freezes, rigid budgets, restricted opportunities or mandated furloughs. Whether you’re a manager, executive, lawyer, graphic artist or administrative assistant you’re struggling with a multitude of economic roadblocks that can leave you and your organization stuck. But what can be done about this dilemma? How can you determine where your thinking might be stuck, and what can you do to step up to your next level?

The simple answer is “everyday courage.” Integrating everyday courage at work strikes a new approach to overcoming the StuckThinking™ behind workplace obstacles. Do you think this simple suggestion is just too esoteric? Think again! Everyday courage provides the impetus, knowledge and fortitude to solve problems and enhance organizational effectiveness and job performance. When you identify your own impediments to embracing everyday courage, you also find the solutions to the organization’s StuckThinking™ such as why revenues are flat and why “courage is caged in the workplace” (Chief Learning Officer magazine, September 2004). Empowering courage allows you to overcome obstacles like ambiguity, inertia and uncertainty.

Ask yourself these two discernment questions: “Why would I want to exhibit the efficiency that courageous leadership enables? What are the advantages and disadvantages?”

Sandra will help your people and organization to:

  • Claim and apply the behaviors of courage that manage talent retention
  • Overcome obstacles that hinder attaining results
  • Succeed amidst uncertainty
  • Live out of self-actuating courage motivation
  • Distinguish the importance of defining moments to discover what’s important and what’s not
  • Recognize obstacles that keep an organization stuck from advancing or stalls potential
  • Step up to the next courage level

Invite Sandra:

Take advantage of Sandra’s eighteen years of organizational effectiveness consulting and coaching and sixteen years of courageous leadership research and expertise. Use courage-based actions to move your organization from StuckThinking™ to the next level — whether introducing courageous leadership concepts to men and women at all levels, improving teamwork or adding bottom-line results, Sandra is the organizational effectiveness consultant, trainer, coach or a presenter for your organization.


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“He who hesitates before each step spends his life on one leg.”
-- Ancient Chinese Proverb